Writing is a soul searching process which would most likely stem from thoughtful introspection and evaluation of ideas on various experiences and expressions that life has had to offer ; so also from encounters with culture, people and places.

Each one of us being worthy of love is precious in this world. We don’t easily seem to consider our worth unless put to the grind. However, a dream is a living parable of what we can become, if we’re prepared to believe in it and wake up to its call.

 There’s risk involving your goals,  however the greatest risk is not going after them at all. They had a common purpose, while they’d taken risk; trading with life that which they were passionate about.
Nobody is going to give you anything, but you will have to challenge yourself to get it. Nobody really knows what you want, except yourself. And nobody would regret the most, if you shall fail in your very purpose.
You are ultimately what you think you are and choose to be. Believe in yourself and don’t ever give up on your dream.

This is a story about a girl who has a dream and nothing much . The place where she lives often imposes uncertainties and hardships in everyday life. So she has set up goals that need to be achieved in order to get away from that situation.  However, one goal gathers greater importance as it would become purpose of a journey that she has undertaken with even greater risk. This journey unfolds many facets of life and opens road to discovery, making her want to know what her dream means to her.

Will she be able to walk in the direction of that dream? Will she find what she has set out to accomplish ?

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Everything in life has a reason. There is one at this moment that makes me write. An accident turned out to be blessing in disguise. It made me aware of my personal calling. The idea for this story unfolded on a hospital bed; and that is when I actually understood importance of living.

This being my first venture is written under fictional category. My e-book is entitled ‘Six Weeks’ and is available on  Smashwords for a preview of the book click here

my ebook

and readers in India can click

The sale proceeds of this book will be largely donated to a female orphanage situated in the suburbs. So please be generous towards a cause. Download the e-book by purchasing it. Do help empower the ‘girl child’. Our country rightfully needs the girl child and not female foeticide. More  women in the right places, healthier baby girls and happier ones.

Generally, on Sunday evenings I used to visit my grandfather’s home along with my family. One of the reasons for making this courtesy call was also to watch television. Televisions and telephones were newly arrived high end luxurious technologies alluring Indian buyers at the time. But most of all, it was an evening much awaited; one that I couldn’t afford to miss at any cost.

My journey into imaginary world has just begun. But there has always been an unquenchable thirst for practical knowledge and self improvement. Communicating with ‘self’ brings peace is what I have been able to achieve through writing. The most likeable question that I ask is: ‘WHY’. Trust me, many times I have found answers to them in this way.

This short novel  entitled ‘Six Weeks’ has a string of short stories attached and embedded in it as you read on; whereupon the beads of life flow their natural course and unravel six tales  of people in the life of the protagonist. They enforce consideration and evaluation of all kinds of relationships existing in her life and the importance of life itself.

Will she be able to do it under extremely static condition? Will she be able to find peace with all of them? Will she find these analysis rewarding?

This story could go well with the understanding of teenagers and an adolescence’s perception about relationships and changes associated with their lifestyles.Hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

Wishing all my readers a very “Joyous, Healthy, Progressive and Peaceful existence of life that is filled with hope, abundance, blessings and successes from the limitless treasures and bountiful mercy of Almighty- Lord of this universe.” 


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  1. thank you Sandra;and would like to tell you that today i have just visited the orphanage with some things that they had required for work purpose and somethings for the girls staying at the Home. i will write about it on my blog ,so watch for it ; especially the photos that was clicked with their smiling faces

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