Magnificent mountains of the North
Mesmerising beauty in oxygenated froth
Dotting the borders are brightened natives
Scaling heights for unscrupulous fugitives

Thus, stand tall some soldiers
Steadfast, vigilant as ever
Patrolling whitelands to nab intruders
Sharp nailing, the so called traitors

No night, no day
None count, he may.
No family he owns
His life, he loans.

He wears fine cloak of valor
To safeguard a distant brother.
No grenades, no guns, will he fear
Since his line of duty is here.

And so, a tale of some good men
Who were in a group of ten
Began when a sudden snowstorm came,
And felt too harsh on them.
First knocking a tallest tower
That downed with tumultuous power.

Within minutes they were gone
But one among them, kept on
Against an event and odd
Siachen glacier, it was called.
Taking away some best boy scout
Grief and havoc cried out.

A fierce battle erupted from nature
Still, could not somehow seizure
The spirit of an undeniable fighter
When it missed to spot glance
On a yoga-charismatic lance

A battalion searched them across frost
Confirmed the companions had indeed died
Amidst heavily dipping Fahrenheit
And, a great snow-slide.
But the last Lance was yet not lost.
The civil looked for him at every cost.
Then, found him deep inside
And, very much tight
Badly bruised under iced debris
Where he’d been a half, and four

Cheer sounded amongst the force
When mate moved within his source
The last soldier, whom we know
Was being sifted through the snow.

No religion, no creed, no color
Is marked; but only a soldier’s valor
Who’ll never fail to serve his country
Bravely fighting against our nation’s enemy.
Those who always keep us safe
Must need fully be kept safe.

So they rushed for his safety
Flew him near to the city.
By then, his heart beat slow.
Without any utterance, he’d show
With his grit, determine and will
He would not succumb to nil.

As everybody’s thoughts were with him
Prayers, good words were sent to him.
Each warden worked hard to save him
From what seemed a catastrophical nature
But this battle, was of a different stature

The fight went on
A night, and a day
Thus, a song was born
Before he was gone :
Never give up too soon
Fight till nerves end
Cause life is a boon.

Praise be my motherland
To have produced such a warrior,

Who succeeded in setting a fine example 

By caving away an invisible barrier ;

A soldier who has feelings ample
For his fellowmen and country
Lives forever in each heart and a sundry.

–  To

                                  Lance,Hanumanthappa                                              R I P ( 2-12-2016) 



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