quote of the day

Its not wrong do make mistakes.
However, it might just be a mistake not to correct what is wrong.- B BANU

5 thoughts on “quote of the day

    1. Hi Sandra , hope you are doing well. And working towards welfare and positivity. Let your good work inspire all.. good wishes!

      1. Hi Banu, thanks. I am still working for the Recovery Learning Community – Teaching Blogging as an aid to recovery for people with mental health difficulties. As well as full time in my day job. RLC want me to teach more and more courses, that is great. I create and write all of the course content for the courses that I teach. I love it. Especially to see how much more confident and happy students can be at the end of the course. I am teaching getting started with Twitter and Facebook for recovery too, next year. I am going on the NHS Staff Bank from the 1st of December and get a pay rise in that role.

      2. All the very best of luck and my good wishes to you. Almighty bless you in your endeavor and you inspire many people who come along your path

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