Its time we become seriously aware of our climatic conditions and sudden changes in the ozone layer.Each breath counts as we breathe toxic gases on daily basis due to ignorance or rather arrogance lifestyle.


We need to stand up for each breath we take and not take things of nature for granted.IMG_20141014_114452 (1)

A PUPPET SHOW organized by trainee teachers of PODAR INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION Kharghar- Navi Mumbai echoes the strings of a safe environment and pollution free air.IMG_20141014_102024 A story telling session where children look engrossed at puppet show reteirating the harmful effects of bursting crackers due to which we are all breathing smoke filled air that is weakening our lungs day by day causing damage to our health.


We Pledge to take responsibility for our ozone layer, and live in a polluted free atmosphere. . Clean Air Clean LIfe


                                                                               SAY:  ” NO TO CRACKERS”



    1. Crackers are varying kinds of fire works that children tend to use while enjoy playing with fire during the festival of Diwali. But they and their parents skip the hazardous effects of bursting them; while they play and have fun with them. There at each year cases of Burns and injuries caused due to this. So we had an “anti-cracker drive ” to create more awareness in society and schools , especially for children

      1. Oh we have firework displays, but I think most are managed well – Especially if an organisation is putting one on. They can be very dangerous and a lot of animals don’t like the noise.

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