Brightness stolen from sky
As light plays spy
Black clouds reign
Who knows why

Creme of pure love
Steps silently above
A vast dreary land
With an empty hand

No muse could fan
A face wan
Wounds of unrequited past
Resurrect an unhappy mast

Moon thou vested light
Shivers and melts with fright
Love is a laborious task
Lover moves wearing a mask

Night flies
Day arise
In light no one can see
Dark circle at its eye

Hideous state in bright cast
Borrowed boon did not last

Always better a known foe
Than a friend invisible so
Words said were unkept
Heaven and earth wept

Once a garden where they met
Had delicate flowers fully set
Now is a fiery loom
Buds afraid to bloom

Imbalance faith and passions crushed
Moon dodging sadness smudged
Between shallow clouds that may hide
Whilst a companion unaware at her side

Two meet at different point
Without any whisper or wasp
Their path never really joint
Creation is a clever clasp

They who met no longer meet
They who spoke no longer tweet
They who knew no longer know
They ….who love no more

Time immemorial had laid a trap
Truth placed under wrap

Each thus wait for one to pass
Doubtful of own intended mass
Don’t want to stand face to face
Unfulfilled partnership, a languishing grace

A love that was ordained is
Today’s grievous mistake
Swimming in same orbit
Like strangers morbid

Twin hearts would’ve eased
If Temperamentally released
From burden of duty
And garb of futility

Finding each other to share
Loving trust only should care

But lo!
Tales and realm don’t match
As love is an easy catch

In abounding darkness of a soul
Fair one couldn’t become whole
Black clouds overhead reign
No one knows why
She seems amiss the way

Eventhen remains long-with-love someday
That first feel might spark the sky
Old flame would be home with a cry
Light pray, please do not spy
Holy brightness reflect today

There she wishes to stay …
In an known way
Hopeful to wait
Watching out

For lost mate

Purple-Moon-Wallpapers-65 (2)


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