Imagination – À writer’s Muse

All artists have musings to play with their delight, some strange some familiar to anticipation. And they use them in their own crafts and fields to reach that glorious destination in refined art.


Photographers, musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors and writers are those with a restless spirit and creative bend of mind; seeking solace within nature in order to feel inspired and fulfilled.

Desirous to break barriers, treading an unknown path, climbing the insurmountable, decoding  puzzles, exploring the  dangerous, unraveling hidden truth and more; are only ways for that urge to creative satisfaction.
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And for many of these artists, it’s a tool used for self identification and purpose of life.

Equipped with an intriguing mind, thirst for knowledge, armed with barrage of questions that seeks solid answers from nature, mind that sees what eyes cannot withhold, a Samaritans will, possessed with a quest to conquer one’s own soul, undying passion to travel and unravel; are what these artists are made of.
Weird, eccentric, loner, giver, philosopher, could be their nickname.

Whichever way they adopt in whatever work they do; one thing is for sure there is no hypocrisy but an honest approach to self expression, so as to unleash the unsettling spirit towards freedom.

In all the different fields that these artists choose for themselves, there is only one common driving tool for their initial motivation. Imagination.

Imagination is basically an idea that has been created by thought process, which in turn requires the artist’s self-belief to achieve it.

Like mankind, animals too are blessed with emotions, instinct and memory; but lack man’s thinking ability. The thinking mind of mankind is twofold.

The creative mind visualizes, foresees and generates ideas; while the judicial side of it explores, analyses, compares and chooses. The judicial side is all about logic whereas the creative aspect is about faith.
In our day today activities we use logic more often and sadly so true. Only when forced by circumstances, we don’t consider using the creative ability of our mind until then. Why do we wait so long is another puzzle. 
If we had to say each of us on this earth has a treasure within ourselves and a talent that has been hidden until now wouldn’t be wrong in the least when speaking about imagination.

Imaginations cannot only speak but they write too. Therefore, we need to become more conscious of the creative power of our mind which is very much within our reach. Why? Because these two minds work best together.

Imagination opens way to action whereas judgement keeps imagination on track. Imagination also can enlighten judgment.
There is a fine line of difference between imagination and fantasy. While the latter is more hypothetical and is far likely to remain inactive to achieve the end result. The former represents healthy thought processing with generation of positive ideas to see a purpose of light form at the dark end of the tunnel.

Such are the musings of an artist or any individual who would love to see hope, joy and happiness at each stepping struggles of life.


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