List Code # Restriction

Holy month of Ramadhan is here; a reminder of listings –do’s and don’ts. This is a period of test for performance of self-restrictions. During this phase the wicked is chained and wretchedness tied to every spot wherever it likes to linger. The doors of Hell is closed and the gates of Heaven opened. Pure spirits descend upon the Earth seeking those in prayer and supplication for their needs, wants and earnest wishes.

During the entire month, each day hunger lasts for more than twelve hours; but not without an intention, few morsels and an energetic drink.
All this just to understand Hunger !? …. Yes. But Why? Because Humans are full of imperfections.

So what does Hunger mean?
It is a very definitive statement but has a single universal approach. There’s an old proverb : The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Hunger plays an important role in human existence and in the existence of humanity.
Fasting during this month is carried out in order to understand hunger and the hunger-stricken together with an acknowledgement that is bestowed by the power of mind.
Fasting is an enactment to experience hunger in a way that under priviledged constantly suffering from it go without a morsel for weeks and months without assistance or aid at gloomy ends in far remote corners of our world; thus developing an ability to persevere with patience by being in a similar state to their plight. Repetition of this act continually for a period of 29-30 days ensures attempt to build compassion and care for them in this manner does not go waste. So when the hour of dusk arrives it becomes mandatory to end experiencing it by breaking of the fast. Please mind here, it is breaking of fast and not hogging a way to some balloon-bellied couch for the night.
To ponder over the days’ activity is most essential to chart out from the listings of what was accomplished in the code of conduct as per restrictions imposed and thereby its goals achieved.

• Ye shall not speak bad, do wrong, hear evil, see filth.
• Ye shall not pursue frivolous activities that are time wasters
• Ye shall not make unscrupulous demands as excuses for wants or needs
• Ye shall not create destructive thoughts but alter and align them into constructive purposes.
• Ye shall keep hope alive and be strong in faith
• Ye shall help one-self to help others in their needs and wants.
• Ye shall keep hands and feet in utter control leading consciously towards the road of self- improvement and compassion.
• Ye shall pray for the entire human race for peace and prosperity
• Ye shall have control over anger and be prepared for peace under all circumstances.

These norms pertaining to religious rituals helps bring about spiritual awakening and adhering to them develop following qualities:
Insight : into our own creation and of the world that has been created by the Creator.
Tolerance: to willingly accept minimal requirements other than those usually adopted for a more balanced, healthy living and acceptance of inequality from a tyrant ruler for another occasion by keeping peace .
Subjugation: submitting to the will of Almighty and accepting his Supreme power to evoke reasoning.
Compassion: caring and concerning over the needs of lesser priviledged ones.
Restrain: restricting nerves in every possible way to curb meaningless desires arising out of comfort and luxury.
Humility: anger and arrogance demolished under sublime power to sustain.

What is the end result?
Outcome of fasting at a stretch leads to self-control, ability to reason, resulting in a rejuvenated body with a nourished soul.
Truth reveals that this kind of practices leads to enlightenment of spirit- soul being mightier than body. Body merely obeys what the mind commands it to be.
Temple of body is cleansed and its mechanism repaired for the entire year. A depreciating machine is refurbished with ethics, moral and principles laid out in the listings; likewise to a computer system or any electronic or mechanical device that needs maintenance on a regular basis for smooth functioning.

INGENIOUS – the work of divinity!

All benefits and more for the mind and body FREE of cost! That could be the reason why some of my friends, who do not follow this tradition request to be notified well in advance of the coming of this month. They are as excited as me overflowing with enthusiasm to fast for as many days as they can do it on their own to experience upliftment of spirit that comes as bonus reward; alongside a revitalized and reformatted body parts that goes into backup mode to channel their working machines into top gear for the year. Now that saves them plenty of money which otherwise is spent on Spas and other beauty treatments.

Well the underlying message of fasting is : to live a good life eat a balanced diet, think positively, discard negatives, act generously, perform charity, show compassion and always smile.
Therefore, this month articulately leads to self-struggle in the path for righteousness, also known a “jehad” One is at peace with oneself and the world outside.

It is not difficult of attain peace when intended and worked upon its achievement. But contrary to some belief a totally opposite event or incident could trigger a contrasting image attempting to blacken picture of tranquility and non-violence. These are elements who have given permanent abode to the chained wicked outside; into their hearts by inviting the wickedness to stay therein.

But these miscreants cannot be allowed to forge malice over what reality is based, underwriting truth and virtue. It cannot override propagation for peace to spread terror. Hypocricy is an incurable disease of the heart where evil dwells in disguise.
PEACE is the message of ISLAM

NB :
Let not any of them deter us from speaking truth and upholding virtue, spreading love and kindness.

Let us be blessed this holy month by keeping peace, practicing it, giving thanks in abundance for the numerous provisions that earth and sky bestow upon us with divine grace.

Let me be in your memory this month as I pray for you my blogger friends for your well-being and prosperity.

Let me give thanks to you all for spending time to read this blog post with an open mind and a clear heart, until I return to blogging once again.


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