Sleeping on the Edge

When night takes away
Light of the day
Body supposed to rest
Mind works it’s way

Eyes wish to shut in peace
Spirit refuses to cease
Dense of darkness
Clouds into blindness
Behind locked visibility
Opens a door mighty
Symbolic of life’s eternity
Peace and tranquility

But sleeping on the edge
Cannot move a flesh

Yet, the doorway of hope glistens
As mind listens:
Come take a break
Fly to heavens lake
After many hardships done
Cast away work undone
Step forward with spirit
Hold divine hand to merit


Body stilled feels unsafe
Sleeping as it is on the edge
Each night equals grave
Wherein it is a slave
Sleeping on the edge
Awaits earth to nudge

Just that one urge
Both sky and earth merge

Soul captured within grace
Unrest mind seeks solace

Sleeping on the edge
Moves its spirit on a sledge
Passing thru call of glory
Preparing to hear a story

Door opens wider and far
Welcome into a celestial space
There million other bodies face
Some are known
And some unknown
All have risen from the graves
To find peace that heart craves

Time there is not unbound
Must come back safe and sound
To another night akin grave
For another day to live to make

After drowning in crystal maze
Subconscious returns from haze
Still sleeping a little on the edge
Body is fulfilling a pledge
Adhered heavenly call of night
Arrested mind is set aright


3 thoughts on “Sleeping on the Edge

  1. what a beautifully written perception. “Sleeping on the Edge” <<The imagery of precarious sleep is crystal clear in my mind (I am seeing a mountain climber sleeping mid climb for my physical metaphor, though I realize it references the edge between states of beings) And yes, each night is a "mini death" isn't it? except, as Wills said–perchance to dream.

    Another great thing about that powerful line is it begs the question–which way does the sleeper roll…that is in turn, addressed in your stanzas. Well done, Banu. 🙂

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