Weekly Photo Challenge :Fleeting

As accustomed to habitual walks, few days back i was treading along the tracks of a neighborhood park with a mind bogging over self-ordained agendas. Maybe after covering few kilometres, the mind still unwilling to come out of perimeters of a stubborn human grasp; was unmindful of its surroundings. A sensation from a particular direction was trying to attract me in vain. Finally, the cold melted and my sixth sense spoke up: a fluttering. Perhaps, something or somebody was motivated to reveal itself.
Somehow passively, i looked around the park at first glance, but the mind was not alert. Then, a slight buzz went in my ear,finally to awaken me from unproductive thoughts. I shook my head and looked around again,carefully this time. A beautiful butterfly was flying past and around me, without my notice so far. It was ‘love at first sight’ for me. Wishing to capture my chance meeting with this tiny creature in my mobile camera, was however not an easy task. After several attempts and blurring images; i finally managed to freeze a picture of this lovely butterfly, when it took a spare second to rejoice over a flower in the park. This particular photo represents sleek and sure fleeting moments’ with it; and how eventually it helped me become mindful of the beautiful natural environment that was around me; which the mind was far too long refusing to accept.


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