The first drizzle ….

The clouds finally confirmed to rumors that they were indeed carrying the message of an early monsoon this year.
Early morning today, light drizzle had soaked up the entire road area, when i looked out of my window after prayer. Thank Almighty! This gift of heavenly shower that He sent has provided immense relief from the intense scorching heat of summer. Don’t believe me , look at the humorous ‘Strange summer noon’ poem that i have written just for you; in case you don’t trust a trying and tiring summer that the dwellers of this city battled in 2013.

Although the monsoon sets in early June, a respite provided even few days earlier is most cherished and joyfully welcome.
As i write, my joy knows no bounds to acknowledge a cool breezing air and the scent of mud that the first drops of rain emanates upon touching ground from the skies above and elevates my soul. I pray for good abundant growth of plantations that mother Earth has to offer for our nourishment all around the world. And hopeful to spot a rainbow in the sky.To celebrate the beginning of the celestial bodies arrival, i present a poem that has been published for the kids in a monthly bulletin by National Book Trust of India (2003)

A Rainbow in the sky!
A Rainbow in the sky!
Wouldn’t you ask me why?
“How ‘s a rainbow in the sky?’

A rainbow of seven colors
A rainbow called ‘VIBGYOR’
A Rainbow in the sky!
Wouldn’t you ask me why?

After the rain, clouds give way
For the sun to shine its ray.
Particles in the air, then begin to light
Into colorful layers – shining bright!

From one end of the land to the other;
Like display of a bow made of seven colors,
It stays magically for a time in the season;
What a visual splendor for all reason!

That’s how a rainbow in the sky.
As nature soothes in some ways;
A rainbow in the sky
Is a delight to every eye.
© B Banu


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