The King of Fruits has arrived

“Where there is a Mango
It doesn’t take two to Tango”

The King of Fruits has long arrived and will soon take leave when the monsoon sets in finally.
Past many centuries, it has ruled over many millions of hearts all across the globe, because of its unique taste and heavenly aroma. This rare fruit is mainly seen in the Indian Continent during summer and rakes in the mullah for horticulturists and farmers alike.
Aptly called the ‘Maharaja’; this fruit arrives in variant sects of its family. Payari, Langda, Hapus are some of its well known clan. The Alphonso is very popular and gets into business during spring time. Boxes are readied and staggering amounts of haystack collected into mounts of heaps are loaded in the farm trucks, before mangoes are bought in the market; where only the fine ones are chosen and packed to be sent worldwide. Thus, this fruit bears the reward to the labor done by hard working agriculturists fruitfully; and brings a smile on their faces and on all those who are eagerly awaiting to savor them.
When the monsoon sets in you will begin to see less of them; and lesser when heavy rains take over as the next of season to come. But don’t lose hope as this fruit is the only one that is awaited with rigor and baited breath for the next year; as it will arrive with much pomp and adoration.
To bid an early farewell with a mark of respect to the King; for its pleasurable palate that it serves us, I present two recipes as desserts that is made in every household during this season.

*****Mango Lassi.


Preparation Time: 7 minutes
Take one mango peeled and sliced into small pieces.
Take some crushed ice cubes in mixer jar and add the mango slices to make its pulp. Do not add sugar if the mangoes are sweeeeet. Then add 1 cup of yoghurt and blend it again to get a thick flowing mixture. That’s it. Your Lassi is prepared in just 5 minutes.
Serving Method: Take a long glass and garnish it with fine pieces of pistachios , almonds and cashew nuts. Drink cold. It serves well in the heat of the season.

*****Mango Kulfi


Preparation Method: Take two Alphonso mangoes peeled and sliced into small pieces to make mango pulp.
Take 1 litre of milk and condense it with ½ cup of sugar, then add ½ cup of cream on slow gas. Keep stirring intermittently so that the milk does not stick to the bottom of the vessel. Do this for 25 minutes until the mixture transforms into a thick consistency.
Let it off the flame and allow to cool. After the mixture has cooled down, pour the pulp into it and blend it in the mixer. Now the new mixture will look yellow. So set it to freeze for minimum 4 hours into moulds of your choice, preferably a conical shape or a circular mould would do best. My advice: set it overnight for best results.
Serving Method: Take the moulds out of the fridge, dip them little in water and remove the kulfi carefully from the moulds into serving plates; garnish with fine pieces of pistachios , almonds and cashew nuts. It’s ready to eat – yummy delicious dessert!
This recipe serves six moulds for six people. Invite friends to share the remaining ones:)



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