Strange summer noon

Today, the human species in the MET Department declared the hottest day in summer for the city for all specimen of species living on the planet in the record past years of environ-mental histo.
A helpless situation and surroundings triggered both; an uneasy feeling and submissive thoughts that led to humor breaking into a warm welcome of an evening most cherished.

Truly a day to remember!

A strange event in summer

Some humor to encounter!

Temperature rising high

Men, mammals panted in a way

Birds and plants gave a sigh


Scorchingly hot humungous day

“What a weird noon!”

Spoke a cranky-toon

Scratching his little dumb-head

“Nowhere visible are the domesticated ones”-  he saidImage

Looking at every empty shed

crank9 ImageImageImage

This is a sure certain mislead

So he moved


In severe heat

Deserted streets

Hurried feet

Then heard some bleats


There near a massive trunk

Neighboring creatures all have sunk

Sitting under a shady tree


cartoo1Sipping lemonade that circled free

Discussing a weather upcoming

They halted their striving


Krackjack too placed his butt

Tired- unable to further trot

Uttered one, “Someone forgot to pick the hotpot”

Another said, “No! It’s a deadly enemy plot”

 “A devastating fire has broke out”

“Close-by a volcano erupted and has sprout”

They all tried to figure out

Thoughts getting a hell of a lot


The battle seems fierce

ragingbullRaging blood to boil

Unknown opponent isn’t coerce

Peace turned into turmoil

Minds drawn into fretter

A Racing helter-skelter

Imprisoned in a mercury matter

Sweat had wetted the cool shelter


After an argumentative storm

To pacify self-bubbling lava form

Followed a heated war of silence

Each now a submissive resilience


Kranky Jackie is timid but kind
Face is a full flatter
Often switching his mind
Off the subject matter
Stood up our crocky goon

Gave in truly to the noon

Innocently facing each one

Pointing at the horizon he began to run

“We forgot to think of the Mighty Sun!”


9 thoughts on “Strange summer noon

  1. What a great poetic writing on thoughts of the sweltering summer heat! Quite humorous and the added pictures provided just the right visual accompaniment! Thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

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