A Promise Fulfilled

On 24th Dec 2012, I was too glad and joyful to hit the publish button on a website that marked the launch of my first e- book ‘Six Weeks’; which is a story based on love, life and relationships. In today’s time, it is a narrative about youngsters who are generally accustomed to living in an urban state surrounded by an environment that is more adapt to a lifestyle of their own creation, understanding, convenience and later regret. A chaotic lifestyle that is rather preferable to live with equally challenging daily schedules outlined to craft a career path; which is both admirable and overwhelming, but also leaves them puzzled, disillusioned and dismayed. Sometimes without any end result or motif.
What the new genre overlooks to see is the path to safety and self-respect while pursuing these matters of interest; when life itself could terminate hopes on the road to achievement.
In a gush of splash to establish strong foothold in the ocean of conquests; the path to establish a remarkable and purposeful life is forgotten. All youthful enthusiasm, zeal and rigor drained to stilled waters.
After all, what is a dream if it cannot be awakened to withhold its vibrancy and aspirations and the joy of fulfillment.
What is the essence of our relationships in our life? Do we really care for them?
Can life be brought to an abrupt end to a jagged edge of the road to thoughtlessness? Can a callous attitude or craze for speed land you in demolishing dungeons?
To seek answers to these questions in life; I reviewed, researched the present scenario of young people and their choice of living. And that eventually brought me to writing this story about the saga of a young girl who like any other youngster wishes to understand before it’s too late.
After bringing my thoughts to pen this e-book, I was happy to click the publish button; while I silently prayed to Almighty that I am going to donate a percentage of the sales proceeds to an orphanage that I was closely associated with for a long time.
And the time has come now. After three months, I finally prepared the bundle of booties that I had planned to give away towards the Home for the Orphans. They were items of stationery and work purposes and some needful things for less privileged girls.
By chance, if I might miss them while they were preparing to leave for their morning classes at school today, I took the early morning train to the suburbs in order to meet the girls there.
The Superintendent Ms. Susan greeted me with bear hugs; and the girls were only too glad to see me. I had achieved the objective of my work by looking at their smiles this morning that brightened my day.
I handed the bag to her and in return she requested me to volunteer for a fund raising activity later next month for the Orphanage. I agreed instantly.
Well now I am looking forward for it already with renewed energy, that these girls bring into my life.

Me, Susan and the lovely girls

NB : Please take a look at the beautiful picture of them and me surrounded with peace and engulfed in warm affection and love of humanity.


4 thoughts on “A Promise Fulfilled

    1. have redone with the photo as there were three of them but none were visible’ might have been a network connection issue or either was not saved in the draft. anyways do take a look at it now. hope you will like it. Thanks to your huge heartedness for nominated me again Sandra. You are a generous soul! Wishing you a belated HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

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