Recognition for a nomination

I have been blogging and writing for past few months now and already been considered thrice for a nomination of an Award.

Phew! It’s unbelievable but true; i tell myself.  And between these times, i have also taken breaks for the publishing work of my e-book before and after it’s completion. i’m sure all of you would agree what a a time consuming activity it is and how much sacrifice it takes to a writer for a job satisfaction.

But today, i won’t be discussing those details with you; however if you wish to know, feel free to view my posts under categories “right up” or “about my book” (at the top of this page) your comments are most welcome and will be greatly appreciated. So, i send a big THANK YOU- well in advance:))

Oh Yes! Not to mention the objective of writing this post at the beginning was to mention a very dear friend, Sandra who hosts a beautiful blog and has been awarded a number of times of her sustained efforts and persisitence. She has good-willed blog of a kind and i request you all to visit; and do like it because it is real and true to her nature. Her site link

She also has a FB page to like  where she talks about redundancy and strength of will power to overcome struggles of life. Her Facebook redundancy page is  and page is about her writing and is also busy writing an e-book on the same. Her blogsite is much more on many other things; so get to know her better.

I send hugs and a big Thank You to Sandra for nominating me for the second time for the One Lovely Blog Award on

Blessings and successes to all you have read this post and Peace and Prosperity follow you all wherever you may be; doing everything that you have always liked and will like in future.

My best wishes to all blogger friends who are following me, recently or lately and have liked my poems and posts with sincerity in their hearts.

You all INSPIRE ME to move ahead with determination and confidence.

Have a good and joyful SUNDay!


4 thoughts on “Recognition for a nomination

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words about me and my blog. It is a pleasure to nominate such a kind and thoughtful blogger. I appreciate your support. Just wanted to add that my Facebook redundancy page is the page is about writing. Although I am writing books about redundancy, to help people to get back into work. My first e-Book of this sort should be out in a few months time.
    Congratulations on your awards, you deserved them and well done on your e-Book.

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