Remember those days?

Those sweet little ways …


Early morning sunshine

That lit up a smile

Face smudged with choco-pie

Eyes focused on to the sky

Like a unicorn would fly

Memories descend without toil

Swift over soggy soil

Happy feet reach the ocean

And dissolve in its motion

Many jubilant jumps

When waves begin to come

Mark dusks with fun

Splashing joyful run

Sweet melody of a nightingale

Swims above a bed-time tale

Perched in the sky lark

Distant friend of dark


I Remember!

The days …

The sweet little ways …


As we walk

In our skirts

To endless talk

The air flirts

A carefree lock

Hairy dusting dirts

Playfully ignoring stock

Of its brief spurts

I Remember …


Weekends never end

Without something to lend

Or just wishes that are send

To a next door friend

I Remember …

Me and myself!


I Remember

That good little friend !                                              CCF11112012_00003

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