Six Weeks

Hi Everyone! I have just completed my first venture a short fiction novel.. please keep a watch for it.. next week to download it and read. This book is entitled “Six Weeks” and has a string of short stories embedded in it; whereupon the beads of life flow their natural course and unravel six tales – tales of people in the life of the protagonist. They enforce consideration and evaluation of all kinds of relationships existing at this moment.
What we really need is to take a break from our hectic schedule. Pause; stare and care. An experience could well teach us something in this journey called life.
Will she be able to do it under extremely static condition? Will she be able to find peace with all of them? Will she find these analysis rewarding?

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Free Chapter Reading (Six Weks )

The morning sunshine penetrated through high French windows of the room. She was reluctant to be awakened by its gentle rays. Her luscious thick black hair spread aside her face, tumbled over her shoulders and sprawled down to her waist. Her almond shaped eyes shut in solitary imagination.

She belonged to a middle-class household in the city of Mumbai; where most people worked to supplement their family income; making ends meet in every possible way and occasionally, pursuing luxurious moments when permissible. Being a commercial capital, the city provided employment opportunities to people coming from different parts of the regions. Through talent and education, they sought to resolve their independent financial crunch. Upon arriving here, they earnestly desired to seek livelihood and a prosperous living, while instantly falling in love with her. They developed respect and admiration for her. This city gave hope to them in face of economic crisis. Like any metropolitan city in the world, this place too had people living at the edge; meeting deadlines, work schedules, and crabbily chasing the ladder of success. Thus, they became busy pursuing an intensively loaded lifestyle.

Her cell phone went abuzz. She covered her face with a large pillow to revert its sound. She wished a few seconds more with fantasia. But the noise wouldn’t stop. She opened her deep brown eyes graciously. Without looking at the screen, she already knew the morning messenger– Lionel. He was a close friend from their college days. She had known him for more than three years now and shared with him almost everything about her life. She always thought that she could not have had a better confidante than him. He was a guy of greater goals. He used to frequently express his motif of life: to be happy, get rich. She shared a special relationship with him.


Thanks  for reading. I hope you have enjoyed as much as i loved writing it. Take Care

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Hope you will all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also send in your review at the box below or write to me at Blessings and peace to all!

5 thoughts on “Six Weeks

  1. Dear Banu,

    Found time to check this out today and glad I did. What I’d like to say is this reads as a confident and elegant beginning to your tale – skillfully subtle and avoiding the obvious temptation for early loud melodrama that many writers fall for, too soon… but still leaving you wanting to read more. I’m sure you’re glad now you took the plunge!

    1. Hi Scott,

      Its a pleasure to know that you have read this. Thanks for a feed back while i did find time to read your poems :)) and liked latest – when in love I will try to send you a children poem if possible.

      Many good wishes for new year to you and your family>

      Warm regrds, B Banu

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