Writers tell stories

Says Paulo Coelho, a renowned writer and novelist: “There are only four types of stories: love story between 2 people, love story between 3 people, a struggle for power, and a journey.”

The journey called “LIFE” interests and intrigues me more than anything else, because it has many people to follow and innumerable storyboards to be written. Stories take shape from our own experience; and still some that we’ve come across in lives and experiences of others; while some have developed as ideas from meeting various people.

The world of writing is gaining tremendous support; though still not in monetary aspect, but surely it has come to age with understanding, encouragement and boost from creative industry. No more do you see anybody trying to pull down a writer from making a career; or a parent telling his son/ daughter not to become a poet or story teller. So what if money doesn’t rake in the mullah; or takes rather too long to arrive. Patience is the key and perseverance is a must. Previously, a writer used to have another source of livelihood before he/she ventured into the field of writing; or generally started to write only after having a respectable amount as savings. Yes, it couldn’t become a source of easily earned livelihood. The picture’s still the same even today. But now it’s more about pursuing a dream than just making it a means for livelihood.

A creative person nevertheless follows his/her heart and does what they are born to do. Do not underestimate a creative person, they have strong instincts. Like all of us are instinctive, we are all creative in nature. Nature has made us so. It is for us to tap our inner resources and skills; to research and enter its depth and make it beneficial to ourselves and other fellow beings. We all have sixth sense that in some way; and somehow guides us to our destiny.

Writers are extremely creative people and we write because we love the process of being with time. And life is time. A life time of any individual, society, country, or civilization can intrigue a writer. But what’s more interesting is the search for truth – a message that needs to be earnestly conveyed for the better of humanity.

Writing a book takes a long time and sustained efforts. Not to forget considerable amount of sacrifice that goes into making a finished story; where discipline has to be followed to keep the flow of narrative intact and alive. Many family members of writers complain lack of attention and callous attitude towards them during this period. I say, “Nothing well achieved unless something sacrificed.”  

We all have a story to tell. Yours and mine together; we can bring great inspiration and motivation at the table. An honest endeavor of struggle and tryst; and if that doesn’t befit your idea, then a good imagination of good over evil shall effortlessly go into making a story. So why not take a pen and paper and start right away. I’ve taken initiative. Why don’t you?

There are 4 Character types essential to each story :

The protagonist– This is the main character in the story. In my book, the protagonist is a young girl freshly graduated from university. She has suffered in an accident and I have tried to dwelve over circumstance where people who have suffered accidents themselves would be able to relate to her effortlessly. And is an eye opener to those who haven’t yet met with any kind of tragedy. It speaks basically about valuing life.

The antagonist– There are two antagonists featured in my book. They are characters that attempt; and are also fairly successful in creating problems of different kinds that one can imagine. They are always there in a story and work against the protagonist.

The romantic– This is a very easily developed character and gets its existence quite naturally in a story. Possibly, even a cynic could become a die-hard romantic with the right companionship; who can cheer them through the rugged terrains of life.

The comedy character– it is a requirement when the narration gets heavy and story becomes sorrowful. It brings in relief for the reader and does not bog down the script. If the character is absent, then one can do with lighter writing material in context to the story with the help of an already existing character.

Do you have any more essential character role that you would like to envisage in a narrative? Do you think out of the box? Then do write to me or leave a comment below.  I will consider including it in my next. Don’t promise though, as it’s important to fit a character in its proper place for a solidly well defined story.

I spent over half a year writing this story. I wanted to start with a short story. During my college years, I had received a title prized under this category. I was an active member at the English Literary association at that time and also won standing applause for recitation of Lewis Carol’s poem.  Since I was a commerce graduate, I wasn’t sure whether I could become an artist. Nevertheless, I had self-published a collection of poems later. I actually penned my first poem at the age of nine. Probably, I had to do something creative and listen to my sixth sense.

My first venture is a short fictional novel about a young girl living in a concrete jungle; where propounding pace of life affects love, relationships and emotions that are not only significant for survival of social animals; but has greater impetus in its essence for healthy and prospering community living. Through sheer negligence and sometimes with a selfish motive, the spring of life sprouting with hope and youthful energy could be dried up in sorrows of tears; and a seedling of bright futuristic plant could be crushed in its bud, much before it can grow into the tree of eternal life.

What we really need is to take a break from our hectic schedule. Pause; stare and care for nature and life- our life in particular. An experience could well teach us something in this journey called life.


7 thoughts on “Writers tell stories

  1. I like the struggle for power. I basically am attracted and fascinated to the “Darker side of the Human Mind”

    Thanks for explaining different characters.

  2. Congratulations Banu, I like this blog page. Well done. The contents are informative and could change the lives of others for the good – these are two ingredients of how best to influence others. Will keep reading. Your friend, Kharis Macey

    1. Hi Sandra ! Wishing you are very good morning and peace all around you. Thanks much appreciate your interest in my blog. however, it seems I have somehow missed out on stating your blog name on my post https://bbanublog.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/a-writing-rite. I regret this.

      I will keep do best in my efforts to encourage and motivate others and myself. If you already know about this blog, I am a member of https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlogoftheYear/members and would love to see you there as well.

      Warm Regards,

      Love B Banu

      *Closed Group *

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