How I Write

Like any artist, writers too need to feel inspired. Inspiration comes in many ways and many forms. Dreams are one’s best source of inspiration and guide.

Become self-motivated. Confidence lies within. Take pride in your talents. Everybody has one talent that he/she will excel.

Become disciplined. Hard work and belief in one’s ability can make conquest easy. Success comes from persistent efforts.

There is a phase called procrastination. If I don’t feel inspired, I need to move on. I seek help from prayers.

I go for morning walks. At dawn, the sun showers its rays of hope and confidence for a new idea to be created.

I write subconsciously. Let the idea take birth and grow on its own. Thinking can destroy creativity. Let the thread of ideas weave its own narrative.

Keep writing simple and let the reader take rein of his/her imagination over the book.

Love and stay in love. It’s the answer for everything and anything. I love to write. It keeps me connected to myself. Then I need to pass this connection to others who like to read.

The best time for me to write is after midnight or twilight dawning into sunrise.

A good writer is a good listener. A good idea comes when you meet someone or someone says something.

A writer begins with his/her own experience. May not be 100% but some of it is.

I loved listening to stories as a child and read most of all children books that were available. Now I’d love to tell stories to others through writing.

I’d like to write stories that I love. I’d like to write stories that other people love. I will have something to live for.

The best ideas come to me while travelling. And I noted this long back over my childhood travails. My eyes were filled with wonder then, and that continues to remain till today.  It gives an idea that anything is possible.

I make notes to place them out of my head, right in the stark of the night. I don’t look at it the next morning because it’s there in the conscious.

I don’t look for critics. But I welcome them.

My kind of writing would mainly be concerned about the journeys of life.

Sharing knowledge and experience is what I believe. Truth must be read not shelved.


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