A Writing Rite

It’s early morning autumn sunshine, with birds tweeting “good morning” on the neem (sargosa) tree and a cup of tea in my hand.  What a pleasant way to start writing! The birds are fluttering their wings with joy; welcoming the warmth of light that’s ushering in a new day, has build confidence and joy within me. The glorious sun brings hope and faith to achieve a targeted goal laid several months ago. While, intermittently sipping over tea and watching carefree nature, I feel at peace.

Good Morning Friends! Please join me over a cup of tea as I have something special to tell you.

Shortly, I will complete editing and proof-reading of my first novel to be self-published. Yeah! You’ve guessed it right – the ritual of writing had me busy these days. It all began with a small accident and kind of forced me to grasp the pen which I had forgotten years before. Then I had penned a short collection of poems, but stopped writing and kept busy with other works. In the process, losing sight of a natural flair that I had. Any work of art had kept my eyes glued to the artist’s impression. And I wondered, can I? Will I also be able to do what I like doing? Like them, will like be able to create an impression? I thought and thought over this during an illness. And a voice within me said, “You Lazy one! Get up, take a pen and paper. Begin to write.” “Write?” I asked myself. “Yes, Write” the voice answered. I listened to it with utmost attention and revered each word that was spoken as a friend’s advice. After considerable thought, I understood what the sign meant. Of course! Writing is what I had been doing with interest and passion, much before I had stopped. And even have a prized title to one of them. So I got up and with a pen in my hand, began to note down all the ideas that, at first were struggling to settle in my mind. Slowly and gradually, more creative imageries started taking place and demanded my attention. They were narrating to me their story.

Sometimes, without knowing dates and sometimes without counting the days; days passed into nights and nights into weeks; and weeks turned into months of discreet journey on the road to self discovering a creative urge. While, ideas still kept popping in a popcorn-like fashion from the cerebellum of my brainy vessel (somewhat); jostling to take its proper place in a narrative – a passion had been reborn and a purpose set to achieve. Hope this work will bear fruit in the coming days. For this, I would really appreciate your kind blessings and good wishes.

As it’s said, “Hard work pays off” I don’t know how much this is going to pay me though. I laugh out loud because I really don’t care about the payment stuff. But I do care and acknowledge all those who have supported and shall support me with their valuable time to visit and read my blog and all who have liked my posts and poems. You have been a source of great encouragement towards my creative writing efforts and also to a large extent in helping me realize my potential. One thing, that I promise do to soon after e-publishing the book, is to diligently follow all my blogging friends and read as many posts as I can and like them. Also, a special thanks to my family for having put up with my inattentiveness and lesser time spent with them during this period. A heartfelt thanks to all my blogger-friends; listed below are few names in a chronological order of their blogging titles:


a solemn punch


Corinne Shields

Chris Martin


Daniel Abram


Ido Lanuel







Patrick Latter

Richard McCargar

Rishabh Upadhyay

Stefan (maxima)




Words Fusion

But before I end, let me introduce you to my first short novel in the ‘fiction’ category which is titled ‘Six Weeks’. It’s a story set against the background of a concrete jungle with hectic pace of living, where a young girl is forced to ponder, examine and evaluate the importance of her relationships in a span of six weeks. It contains a beautiful mix of romance and thrill; speed and recklessness; adventure and introspection. Find out more on this category of “Right UP” in the following posts. Coming up soon . . .

Till then do keep reading and writing the good word. Thanks once again my friends. God Bless us All.


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