Life And Time

I ask :

What is the element of time?

Is it a Life’s rhyme?

Is it a sequel?

Can it be spend in tranquil

Is it only destiny

Or just a possibility

A voice says:          

Life’s a complex journey

Time is only attorney

In vast troubled lands

She sings tales of flowing sands

She’s gentle on some men

Whose good deeds summon

A Reward for those who are humble

Whilst disaster begins to crumble

Visiting all homes – cow dung baked or made of gold

Bringing to witness, truth and old

Leaving good wishes in hearts that morality holds

But man’s dignity, today for a penny is sold

Time is a reflection

To make alteration

A time in life

Is only a life-time                         


3 thoughts on “Life And Time

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  2. You are right. None of us know how much time we have here and it’s what we do with that time that counts. And the only time that we have is the present moment. It’s hard to grasp that isn’t it? We all know that our time is limited and yet we live as if we have time to waste.

    Warm regards

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