A shepherd boy

Once upon a time on upland journey

Sat down to dine in the company;

At a place with his pupils and a cloth spread

Whence came a lad with his flock of herd.

In a feeble voice, he sent greetings unto them.

The man and his pupils called him to enjoin;

But the boy turned down their invitation

Saying, he was fasting in expectation.

Lest the lavish laid go waste;

They asked and enquired in haste:

“Why are you hungry in this scorching heat,

And a hot wind blowing at your feet?”

Answered the boy, “For past days,

My rewards, I wish to receive.”

Thus, the main man wished to perceive;

Whether he was a gem or a lie.

So, he said by way of a test:

“For your goat, do name a price;

I’ll buy at a figure that’ll suffice;

Pay an amount and slaughter it

And offer you some of its meat

That’ll serve in your fast.

Also, dusk will soon be overcast.

At first, he faltered about the cattle.

The shepherd was young and naïve.

Holding to his stick with mettle;

Then said he was a mere slave.

The man confided to him;

That none will know the truth.

He’d tell his master that a wolf devoured his goat

And a story could color the coat.

But the boy was hesitant.

And pointed above at an instant;

“What about the Master and his love;

Who watches always and also pardons us?”

The doyen became ecstatic with joy

As he viewed virtue in that boy.

He freed him from his slavery,

Along with the herd on his return journey.

The slave boy was emancipated.

As bondage of fate took a shift;

The man bestowed as most appreciated

A herd of goats on him as token of gift.


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