To Give

This is a title for my today’s context-writing. Are you wondering what’s strange about it? I’m sure you are. And you are right to do so. Well, it sounds a bit weird for a title, doesn’t it? Out of every verbiage existing in English literary, being used but hardly enlisted as suitable titles; I have preferred to use one here out of choice and keeping in mind that a very well-known writer of English literature also preferred to so for his(Shakespeare’s)  renowned play “To Be or Not To Be.” As many know, English literature is most amazing and wonderful. We cannot find short of nouns, adjectives and verbs that befit the very occasion to express our thoughts. According to English Dictionary, the noun “gift” means something that you give to somebody- a present. And therefore, includes the action of giving. So also, according to English Dictionary, the verb “give” meaning- let somebody have something; especially something that he/she wants or needs. Can you notice here, the link between ‘give’ and ‘gift’. Yes. I understand each of us being intelligent, while most are good readers and writers online; you’d probably say: So? No. I mean I have a thought to convey- a thought that binds us all in the same sphere of humanities and social sciences, where there is interface between cognitive senses over a platform of open space that helps break open boundaries of thoughts that have been construed over a period of time from diverse dwellings of cultural and traditional backgrounds in order to establish a progressive, healthy and enriching environment for our souls. This bond is imperative to our existence of well-being. Yes, the act of giving is the vital link in the chain of humanity that we all share.  

Let me say, “Yesterday, I gave my brother a book for his birthday.” I mean, I gave my brother a present and therefore my act of “giving” is also called as “gifting”. Now why did I give that as I could have given anything else as a birthday present; may be something better than a book. I’ll tell ya. He was looking to read a good novel recently to distress from his work, but couldn’t find himself the time. So I thought to help in. I did the necessary research and spent some money to bring a smile on his face that very day which was his birthday – yesterday. And believe me it worked! He did have a broad smile in the evening as many calls began ringing in to wish him. I was happy too. I thought I had done something worthwhile in terms of “giving.” And so do many others who act similarly on different occasions for their friends or loved ones. Have you ever thought about why we do so? Why do we gift or give? 

Our universe is an infinite space comprising of every natural elements that helps keep balance and equilibrium sustaining life on earth and other planets, satellites, stars and meteors in various ways we cannot comprehend. And among the planets, ‘Earth’- a huge “planet with a big heart” is no exception. She is a mother of all givers. She has been and is still giving away endlessly out of her huge-heartedness; food and drink to other bountiful treasures out of her resources without ever wanting anything in return or reward from us (her children). But does that mean, we can be oblivion to our environmental responsibilities towards her. No way! We belong to this planet. We belong to her. As we love and cherish the love and kindness of our loved ones and friends, we do need to behave in a similar manner with her. We need to give back to ‘mother earth’ too. How can we do it? Let’s develop and harbor the thought of giving to provide food for our souls. It’s through her natural ability that we set forth this character within ourselves.  

‘Giving’ is an act showing generousness. ‘Gifting’ is showing a token of appreciation of love and kindness in return for the love and kindness of fellow persons, friends, and family. As in the blogging world, we do gift a nomination to fellow bloggers in appreciation to their love, kindness and words of encouragement; we need to continue to encourage this chain of gifting and keep it alive in other formats too to accelerate the flow of positive spirits. In this way we can be motivated to benefit from the written word and otherwise and this will help us get into actions of all kinds in our life. Similarly, we can be motivated by our own actions to benefit from a peaceful and progressing society and a nourished and educated community to head towards a prosperous life for coming generations on planet earth. However, merely speaking won’t help us in our idea of ‘Giving’ or ‘Gifting.’ Remember, both ‘G’s are branches of the same “tree of generosity” and stem from a single seedling of an idea: to live and let live. Both ‘G’s are genuine in depicting grace of humanity. They also personify the quality of a character that has been bestowed upon us by birth. You can chose to be a giver or a presenter (of gifts), or even both at the same time. Sounds great! Doesn’t it? But at this point, some could get entangled in their thought process. They could come up with a question, “To Give or Not to Give?” Should we think or expect before we give or gift? Let’s do some research. But, in the mean time don’t ever stop giving or gifting. 

I must conclude – Giving is a possible ability and an inborn quality to each one of us. Gifting is an art. But since gifting involves the act of giving, and we do indulge in the act of giving in our daily life, both can become interrelated in performance. What varies here is the extent to which we can give.

‘Giving as an Art’ – can be viewed in varying perception. Our mind functions in two ways: positive and negative and thus we have two different approaches towards Giving. People who have an inborn ability towards “giving without thinking” are called “generous”. While some take a lot of time, evaluating and calculating what they have at the moment that they can give; analyzing their list of ‘what can be given’ to safeguard themselves first from their resources before giving from it. Such “thinking before giving” is accorded by me as limited though not unintelligent thought process. There seems little faith in one’s action than the basic thought itself. If the thought has a stronghold, then action is never limited. This in turn leads to limited success of the mind, limited growth in relationships and overall limited growth of an individual’s character. So, Giving can be restrained from becoming ART. Art is an infinite form of creative thinking that has erupted out of solid faith in the ability of self and that has motivated towards action. It must have nothing to fear or lose; as it is founded on positive thoughts. Thus, giving in this case; from self unto others is an assurance of one’s action bringing a change that will endure goodwill in us, reputation in our society and also welfare of our community. However, ‘Giving as Art’ form can be learned by observation, listening and harboring optimistic approach through positive mental attitude over a period of time and action its concerned criteria. Therefore, Gifting can also become an imitable form of art. Whenever we gift someone; make sure that our gift is one that he/she really wants or needs. Giving as per one’s status and likes also enhances the artistic ability (in terms of taste or choice) and generousness (in terms of value) of the giver. It creates vibes of positivity, growth and success in existent basics of all relationships. 

I therefore, recommend this form: “Give with a heart and Gift with an art” towards progress and prosperity of our destined souls. We have a lesson to learn from mother ‘Earth’, if we call ourselves her children. She is all the more glad when we establish this chain of ‘giving-living spirits’ as we tread her paths on our journey towards better understanding and beneficial knowledge. When we give selflessly, one act of our giving is blessed and what we get in return is manifold forms of goodwill gestures blessed from sources incomprehensible to our knowledge. So let us enrich our soul by this act – “To Give.”

Finally to end on a good quote by the famous man: Albert Einstein

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7 thoughts on “To Give

  1. This is such an inspiring post and brought back to mind inspiring words gifted to me when I wrote my first book. In fact, these became part of a special thanks included in the book. Perhaps these words will enlighten your life as they did mine!

    “Everything that we presently feel and see moving and taking place in our hearts, our minds, and our lives is His gift to us. We know not what it is or where it is going, but He does and He gifts it to you . . drink in His goodness, savor and cherish every drop. He gifts it to me. . . I drink it in, savoring and cherishing every drop.

    Thank you for being His instrument of joy to me.”

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