Why I began blogging

It was late evening and I had no choice. I was forced upon to take medication and rest, seeking respite from an injury. That was, when I had to forcibly resign from my job as a trainer. Yes, I had met with an accident; wherein I had fractured my lumbar spine – displacement of a lumbar bone. I was strictly prohibited to travel to work and a complete careful regime of self-movements had to be followed. Well over a week at the hospital, I could barely move;  I was yet again to spend another 4-5 weeks on bed back at home too. I felt immensely dysfunctional and disproportionate out of life. Many times, staring at the empty ceiling above me; pondering over how to get back to each of my daily activities that had come to a stand-still. It had rather seemed at that time – a point of no return. These empty thoughts gave me jittery nerves and numbness in the legs. Also, accompanying this state was a diaspora of thoughts converging into innumerable ideas that began bubbling into the mind, trying to seek an outlet; almost like a raw volcano erupting enthusiastically out of mother’s belly and just too joyous to spread its brightest sparks as a mark of its own over earth’s playground. However, deep down in my heart and behind the subconscious mind; I knew that I’d be walking; if not jogging all the way, soon. I had always been an optimist, so, my positive thinking; if not the positive blood group had helped me to groom myself on road to recovery, against the face of odds and events. Another reason, attributed to this had been, while lying on the bed one day; I kept someone’s  laptop over  my stomach and started exploring the web world. Since, there was so much time to myself and nothing to do practically. What say, I couldn’t even reach out to a pen and a paper with ease.  At one such occasion, I came across many web-pages and an endless browsing of a world of its kind; when I suddenly bounced upon wordpress.com. A quick read about this site triggered an insight of a virtual place where I could meet, greet, bond and share my ideas and thoughts with people from around the world; without even having to break across the limitations imposed upon my state of being. At last, I had found an outlet to post my unspoken words. This online platform became exactly the place where I could express feelings and communicate my experiences. What I didn’t realize at that time is what I acknowledge now :  the virtual meeting place for  the like-minded turned out to be a ring of connectivity that has eventually led to a lovely relationship of sharing and caring with people regardless of age, country, and currency. Those with whom, I may not be able to physically meet , but can surely send hugs and kisses, care and concern; across to them through my posts on wordpress website.  You see, hugs and kisses are all that it takes and means to cherish and value; when one may just be laid  on the back (God Forbid) – like I was. Therefore, there and then I chose to publish my words on this site and take good care of the time that was brought at my disposal. Now I am happy to say, that I have a domain wherein I not only get to publish my artwork free of cost; but also get to restore and recollect them during my older days to come. Thanks to WordPress for the help that you folks extend to various people across the globe. All the best in your endeavor ! And my heartfelt wishes  and warm regards to my friends from the blogging world! Keep the writing spirit alive…


7 thoughts on “Why I began blogging

  1. We all come to the blogging world with our own unique ideas and intentions. It is a great place to build a community of friendships that grows and grows and grows. What is even better are the opportunities for learning…learning from others who have perhaps already crossed or are preparing to cross the same bridges as you and I. You are so right in your words, “This is a journey.” Best wishes in your journey and may it bring many blessings along the way in your future endeavors:>)

  2. That was a beautifully written piece. Banu, I’ve been there, I know those feelings you’ve shared so eloquently. Blogging is an amazing thng, the people here are wonderful, wordpress is excellent and most of all hugs and kisses x 3, I’m glad your here, stay and do take care of you, my friend, Penny

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