Every path ye tread,

May flowers bloom;

‘Gentlemen’ – their nameplate reads;

And for those sullen in gloom,

You’re Hope for the disheartened;

Residing pride of a neighbor;

A friend for fellow brethen.

Let each thought harbor.

Help for destitutes,

Symbolizing  an institute;

Time and need to introspect —

What commandeth respect?

Caste, color, creed barrier they leap;

Kind-hearted nature Samaritans keep;

Do thus and expect nothing.

Whilst there’s a sayin :

“As ye Sow

So ye reap”

For such, sea of people follow;

Unravelling joy to each sorrow.

For any heartache, there is heal;

In the way, winning hearts deal.

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2 thoughts on “Samaritans

  1. Hi BBanu,

    Greetings from Pakistan. We are a Christian Charity registered in Pakistan, we are helping the suffering humanity as in the story told by Jesus in Luke Chapter 10. We are so much inspired by the image you have used in your blog, can we use this picture to be part of our official logo? As an example we have tried to put this in a round logo but we have not officially published it yet. Please write to us at thanks and many best regards.

    Pastor Faisal Yaqoob, President, Samaritan’s Fellowship

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