So do you remember the last chapter in which we said that if;  “You’ve got a Problem? That’s Good!”

Five Mental Bomshells for Attacking Success are just when you are faced with problems and the challenge to change with PMA has been met!

Besides this, there are methods to attack success by relating and assimilating the 17 success principles into daily life through a positive mental attitude.

  • Learning to See : When we open our mind, we learn to see. Seeeing is a learned process. What we see is always an interpretatoin of the mind. We have totrain our mind to inter pret what we see. Some of us go through life “seeing” very little of the power and glory around us. We do not properly filter the information that our eyes give us through the mental processses of the brain. As a result we often behold things without really seeing them atall. We receive physical impressions without grasping their meaning to us. We do not, in other words, put PMA to work on the impressions that are sent to our brain. It is time to have our mental vision checked?  Seeing mentally is to think. Mental vision like physical vision can become distorted. When it does, you can grope in a haze of false concepts.. bumping, hurting yourself and others unnecessarily. Mental vision like physical vision is faced with weaknesses of nearsightedness and farsightedness. The person who is mentally nearsighted is apt to overlook objects and possibilities that are distant. He pays attention only to the problems at hand and is blind to the opportunities that could be his by thinking and planning in terms of the future. And if you do not make plans, form objectives , and lay the foundation for the future, you would continue to remain in this haze. On the other hand, the mentally farsighted person is apt to overlook possibilities that are right in front of him.he does not see opprotunities at hand. He sees only a dream-world of the future, unrelated to the present. He wants tostart at the top rather than move up step-by-step.  So, in the process of learning to see, you will want to develop both these visions. When faced with these problems, a person sees only what is under his nose, while more distant possibilities go unclaimed. Being able to see into the future is the most spectacular accomplishments of the human brain. Learn to apply mental perception through PMA.

Must do’s : undertand the power of a plan, value of thinking time, free mind to range into the distance, reaching for new opportunities, seeking trends, getting the big picture, and not just dousing oneself into mental stress of  problems that immediately confront you in your day-to-day activities. Look about you. Learn to see. Seeing is a learned skill like any skill, that must be exercised. You have a tendency to see what you want to see. To hear does not necessarily imply attention or application. To listen always does. See how to relate and assimilate the principles into practical life. This is a kind of creative seeing that we all need to develop. To look at the world with fresh eyes – seeing the opportunities that lie all about us, but simultaneously looking into the future for the chances that are there. Learn to observe and act.

  • Getting things Done : Knowledge doesn’t make you successful. But application of the knwoledge will. Action! Because through it you can get things done. Another rung up the ladder of success through PMA is the secret of getting things done. If you do things that you don’t want to do, or if you don’t do thigns that you want to do, then use self-starters. Motivate yourself by saying “Do it NOW!”

How do you make the secret of gettings done a part of your life? By HABIT. Anad you develop habit through repetition. Action – Habit – Character – Destiny.  Sow an action and make your destiny, is the secret. You are what you’re habits make you. And you can choose your habits. You can develop any habit you wish when you use the self-starter. What is the secret of getting things done and what is the self-starter that forces you to use this great secret?  The secret is – to act and self-starter is the self-motivator – “DO IT NOW” (with a desirable action plan). You will have a tendency to develop a habit to do the same thing in the future. But, if your subconscious mind flashes to the conscious mind DO IT NOW! Then come what may – DO IT NOW! Saty up! Why? You want to develop the habit of responding to the self-starter “DO IT NOW”. The habit of procrastination is the one you would like to eliminate. This habit can make us miss a train, be late to work, or even more important – miss an opportunity that could change the whole course of our life for the better. Battles have been lost because someone put off taking desirable action. Keep that pencil and paper always ready beside your bed. Scribble away and then drop off to sleep again. Ideas that might have been forgotteen were recalled when you refreshed your memory by looking at the flashes of inspiration that had been written down immediately when they occurred even at the middle of the night. This can change a attitude from neagtive to positive. A day that might have been ruined can become a pleasant day.

How to motivate yourself ?

The self-motivator “DO IT NOW” is an important step towards understanding and applying the principles of “How to motivate yourself”.


Motivation is that which induces action or determines choice. It is that which provides a motive. A motive is “inner urge” only within the individual which incites him to action, such as an instinct, passion, emotion, habit, mood, impulse, desire or idea.

It is hope or other force which starts an action in a attempt to produce specific results.

Motivating yourself and others to desirable action is the essence of it.

Establish the habit of motivating yourself with PMA…at will. And then you can direct your thoughts, control your emotions and ordain your destiny.

Motivating yourself and others with the magic ingredient ! – Hope.

Hope is a desire with the expectation of obtaining what is desired and belief that it is obtainable. A person consciously reacts to that which to him is desirable, believable and attainable. Ad he also subconsciously reacts to the inner urge that induces action when environmental suggestion. Self-suggestion or auto-suggestion cause the release of the powers of his subconscious mind. His response to suggestion may develop obedience that is direct, neutral or in reverse action to a specific symbol. In other words, there may various types and degrees of motivating factors.

Emotion are controlled through the combination of action and reason.

The ten basic motives which inspire all human action are : self-preservation, emotions of love, fear, sex, anger, hate, freedom from mind and body, desire for life after death, desire for recognition and self-expression, and desire for material wealth.

Negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes are good at the proper time and under the right circumstances. Keep your mind on the things you should and do want and off the things you shouldn’t and don’t want. Neutralize an undesirable negative emotion by substituting a positive one.

Motivate yourself by developing your own chart! List the virtues you would like to acquire or goals you would like to reach, you can start with one at a time in a given week, make a self-suggestion to it, then immediately act upon it, till it stays in your subconscious mind, then add another virtue to your list as you realize what virtues or goals you desire further. Have or develop a self-motivator for each and repeat the self-suggestions aloud, a number of times to yourself at any given time during the entire stretch of the day. for example to become enthusiastic, act enthusiastically. similarly to become courageous while fearing something, say “Be courageous” repeatedly several times in a day; till your subconscious mind absorbs the self-motivator. By using self-suggestions, you can control your emotions and actions. You could say it while sitting relaxed, before going to bed, or just about when you wake –up in the morning.  Inspect your progress daily. Follow this with action.

Every result has a given cause. Your every act is the result of a given cause –  your motives.

Some time ago, a man build citadel of wealth from his brand of cosmetic business for himself. He had “hope” in the right attitude of its definition. He never promised a woman that his cosmetics would make her beautiful, but he always gave her hope. Hope, for example, motivated a cosmetic manufacturer to a profitable business. Hope, also motivated many women buyers to buy his cosmetics. Hope, will motivate you too. Motivate yourself with PMA. Remember: what the mind of a man can conceive and believe, the mind of a man can achieve with PMA. Recognize the possibility of the improbable. Hope is the magic ingredient in motivating yourself and others.

How to motivate others?

How to motivate others : in an effective manner and desirable direction. Throughout  our lives we play dual parts in which we motivate others and they motivate you: child and parent, teacher and student, salesman and buyer.

If you know what motivates a person, you can motivate him. And when you know the principles that can motivate you, you will then know principles that can motivate others. Conversely, when you know principles that can motivate others, you will then know principles that can motivate you.

We can motivate others by writing letters to them which affects the subconscious mind of the receiver through suggestions. Because, to write a letter one must think. Therefore, the writer should crystallize his idea on paper. For instance, he can ask questions to direct the recipient’s mind in the desired channels. In fact he can ask a question to obtain a letter in return. Or when the person he would like to hear from does not write, he like an advertising expert, can use as a bait.

We can motivate others by example: By way of our conduct or behavior. By showing them that you have faith in them and faith in yourself. By instilling confidence in themselves. By using kind words while conversing with them. By narrating stories of courage and valour in the face of fear or failure. There are many ways to motivate a person, but most effective way is through an inspirational book. So, when you want to motivate say it with inspirational, self-help action books. And this is exactly what I’ve done. Since, I had said to myself “DO IT NOW!” before I began writing the chapters on MOTIVATION on my blog, I was intending , desiring and also acting while relating and assimilating the 17 principles that is stated in Chapter II, that I would like you also, to do the same and for this purpose I recommend the following list of self-help books that have been published in the twentieth century :

  • Think and grow Rich – By Napolean Hill, has motivated more persons throughout the world to acquire wealth and succeed in their career.
  • Laws of success – By Napolean Hill, has many principles and ideas on self-help that motivated thousands to become outstanding achievers.
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – By Benjamin Franklin
  • The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie And the Gospel of Wealth – By Andrew Carnegie, who observed that all achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.  He had an obsession. Anything, in life worth having was worth working for! He knew human nature.
  • Success through a Positive Mental Attitude – By W. Clement Stone and Napolean Hill instructs you on “what to do” and ‘how to do it’ when it comes to tapping and using the powers of your subconscious mind. This is the book from which I have chosen, compiled and presented the contents in short to all you folks, who are interested in living a life of Success through a Positive Mental Attitude. Hope, I have in this process, motivated others who have stopped by this blog for a read in the ‘Right-UP’ category which is presented chapter-wise for a quick understanding. I have, certainly and surely motivated myself from it and benefited too; and by presenting it to you, I have only just reiterated the principles of application in my daily life.

“Success must be continually practiced, or it will take wings and fly away” as stated by an example of a story in the book ‘Success through Positive Mental Attitude’ – NOW is the time. NOW must be seized before it becomes: yesterday- I-could-have…..


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