A month of fasting

Each day has passed in prayers;

And mornings in glorification;

Nights spent in supplication;

As a month of phase – in layers.

Minutes formed hours;

Hours graduated into Days;

Days changed into Nights;

Nights slowly crept into Dawns.

As a fasting period for a test;

A trial towards human conquest;

Thus, many minutes spent were a few;

Only those who had truly fasted knew.

Every subtle system within (body) had subdued

Emotions and anger went out of feud;

A warring word (within self and from outside) had faded away;

When nervous nerves calmed against a fray.

That was when stomach had stilled.

And hunger, due to fasting was killed.

Do you know of them (not otherwise fasting) who don’t get enough to eat?

A realisation – when body (fasting) and mind (soothed) shall meet.

Resisting various wordly temptations;

Mind mellowed under contemplations;

Trial for Tolerance stood high;

Acceptance of hardship(willingness to remain hungry so as to understand the situation of those needy) without a sigh.

Unwanted passions unknowingly terminates;

A growing will to do good (behaviour) escalates;

Deriving desire to give (charity) and relate (feelings)

With those who’re weak and unfortunate.

To a rebellion inside – is resisitance;

Those who had faultered – is repentance;

Rectifying past acts for redemption; (purity of soul)

From Satan’s attack, hearts had fortification. (strength regardless of hunger)

As we wander over world’s plight;

Self-awareness was spurring insight;

Evil, probably perished in this span;

To help us grow in wisdom – and, we can.

To the body which fasted by the days;

Had fed food to it’s soul in these ways.

Today, they embrace with love and peace

Pray, this continues an endless cycle of ease. (in terms of experience &knowledge)

Rejoice ! And adorn garments of grace.

Beautify the body with divine light and upon the face.

You have won the battle from devils – all kinds.

Let him (evil) be rejected – a sign of victory for the mind.


  • Eid-ul fitr : celebrated as marking an end to fasting period of the holy month – Ramadhan, which is characterized by remarkable qualities that come into being in terms of a) self-control and awareness – over emotions, behaviour, negative thoughts and other worldy pursuits .b) compassion and charity – relating with feelings to other unfortunates, orphans and needy by staying hungry for the entire day; and thereby extending help to them at the end of the holy period in cash or kind or whatever way possible. c) hope and rectification- performance of intense prayers for guidance and purity of soul and character of person who had fasted.

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