Motivation – Chapter V

You are a mind with a body

Since you are a mind, you possess mystical powers – known and unknown.

Will you dare to explore the powersof your mind? Why? Because, when you make the discoveries that are awaiting you, they can bringyou : a) physical, mental and moral health;  b) success in your choosen field;  c) and even means to affect, use, control, or harmonize with powers known and unknown.

And dare to investigate all non-physical forces lying outside the realm of known physical processess- forces which you can use when you learn how to apply them. And this will not be so difficult for you – no more difficult than trying to use an ipad, tablet, or any new technology involved in the making of any gadget for the first time. That’s all right. For all that a child needs to know is how to turn the right knob or push the right button – to get going! Yes, push the right button to get what you want from the most effective machine ever conceived ; and that too not by man.

Our body is an electrical machine. Our brain is a mechanism that is an electrical marvel. Mind has two parts – the conscious and the subconscious. And they work toegther. This electrica machine is comprised of trillions of electrical cells. It has many component parts and each part is in itself an electrical mechanism. You are and will remain the same you, even if you lose an eye, arm , leg or any other part of your body. And the electrical marvel? Your brain and your nervous system. It is the mechanism through which your body is controlled and through which your mind functions. Since the mind has two parts – conscious and subconscious, they synchronize. Science has revealed a great deal about the conscious mind but it is only recently that most people began the journey to explore the vast unknown territory of the subconscious mind.

An eminent author and motivator  Emile Coue was successful in helping individuals avoid sickness and bring the sick to good health, through conscious autosuggestion, auotsuggestion could also be used to acquire riches or anything else that one might desire. Conscious autosuggestion is the agency of control through which an individual may voluntarily feed the subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative nature, or, by neglect, permit thoughts of destructive nature to find their way to the rich garden of mind.

When you read aloud twice or more daily the written statement of your desire for money or any kind of success with emotion and concentrated attention, you see and feel yourself already in possession of it, as you communicate the object of your desire directly to your subconscious mind. Through repetition of this procedure, you voluntarily create thought habits which are favourable to your efforts to transmute desire into its monetary or other equivalent towards success. For example these conscious autosuggestion like: “Day by Day in every way, through the grace of God, I am gettign better and better – healthwise; or like saying, “ Day by Day, in every respect, through the grace of God, I am gettign richer and richer – moneywise; are self affirmations repeated with frequency, rapidity, and emotion that affect the subconscious mind and cause it to react.

Conscious autosuggestion and self suggestion are synonymous, and are contrasted with the word autosuggestion, an unconscious activity. Autosuggestion auotmactically sends messages from the subconscious to the conscious mind as well as to parts of the body. The subconscious is the seat of habit, memory, inviolable standards of conduct,etc.

Let’s take an example of a man in a coma: he cannot move, feel or talk anything, but is well aware of his surroundings in the hospital room and can even hear the nurses and doctors say each word about him and his cure. But since he is incapacitated, he autosuggests his subconscious to take action on his behalf  to fight back to safety. He sends messages like:  “I can do it, if I believe I can”  to his conscious mind that turns self-motivator to different parts of  his body to take action inorder to survive. All this is not achieved in just one trial, but it takes considerable time by persistingly sending messages with full emotion and strong feeling to achieve that objective. And he finally opens his eyes to see light and success of his life, yet again.  Thus hidden persuaders in form of autosuggestion : you can do it, if you believe you can – that he used in PMA approach has definitely helped to rescue him when he was at death’s door.

Somehow, the books we read and the thoughts we think affect our subconscious mind. But there are also unseen forces that have powerful effects eventhough they are subliminal – below the realm of our consciousness. These unseen forces can be from known physical causes or unknown sources. Many years ago, a report carried  news of an experiment conducted by a movie theatre in which advertising messages were flashed on the screen so fast that the viewers were not consciously aware of them. During a span of a period, more than thousands of people unknowingly became subjects of this test, while attending the theatre. Flashed on screen by a special process that made them invisible to the naked eye were two advertising messages concerning products that were available in the theatre lobby. At the end of the six weeks, results were tabulated: sales of one of the products had soared over 50 percent and the sales of the other product rose almost 20 percent. The inventor of the process explained that, although the messages were invisible they still had taken efect on many in the audience because of the ability of the subconscious mind to absorb impressions that are too fleeting to be regsitered consciously. Some people were afraid and some feared brainwashing in its subtle form.  This illustration however, states that subliminal suggetsion can be employed for desirable objectives, too. Everyone knows that power can be used for evil or for good, depending upon how it is directed.

Most importantly when a little knowledge becomes a dangerous thing. We have just talked of some of the unseen forces from known physical causes. But as we proceed to the realm of the unknown; the thrillign fiel of psychic phenomena such as: a) Extra-sensory perception –includes Telepathy (thought transferences), Clairvoyance (power of discerning objects not present to the senses), Precognition (seeeing into the future) and postcognition (seeign into the past)  and b)Psychokinesis – speaks about the effect of the mind on an object dealing with psychic phenomena. So let’s explore the unknown with common sense and for truth; by keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Facts should be your steeping stones on the river of doubt. Avoid gathering of cobwebs in your thinking and let an experienced guide direct you along safe paths. Because if you are not properly prepared to explore this interest, you may injure yourself  by becoming crackpots. Therefore, a little knowledge through some mode of public interest in psychic phenomena could be dangerous.

Since our brain sends out energy in the form of brain waves; this energy is power which can affect another person or an object. Learn to use the proper suggestion in the form of self- affirmations repetetively on a daily basis, almost like a prayer with positivity of mind to help yourself and refrain from negative, harmful suggestions. The doctors and even psyciatrists use this method to apply the right conscious autosuggestions to help patients recover from emotional stress and ill health towards healthful, happy physical and mental health and success.

But if you sincerely tried and still failed? Perhaps you failed because there was something more that was needed to bring you the success you were seeking. A negative mental attitude is one of the primary causes of failure. You may be needlessly ignorant of facts, universal laws, and powers. You may know many of them but fail to apply them to a specific need. You may not know how you can affect,use , control, or harmonize with powers known and unknown.

When you seek success with PMA, you keep trying. You keep searching to find something more. Failure is experienced by them who, when they experience defeat; stop trying to find the something more. But by constantly trying and learning how to solve theproblem, only then can we work it quickly. And you can solve them more easily with PMA. Engage in creative thinking. Thinking is not creative unless it is followed by action. Allot yourself time and space from daily chores to run your mind on postive thinking. Use the most ancient method which still works in today’s times, as favorite working tools to jolt down your ideas and list them on daily basis with – pencil and a notepad. Ask yourself questions and answer them to get your own will develop your mental powers when you learn and develop the habit of asking yourself questions – whenyou learn and develop the habit of using pencil and paper to write down your questions, ideas and answers. This also helps you engage in thinking time and action. It also, leads you to search for universal principles and laws of a broader understanding. Learn the principles and apply them. If you’re not making satisfactory progress toward achieving your objective, look for the something more.  It may be known or unknown. But you’ll find it, if you take necessary steps to study, plan and search for it. Use Cosmic Habit Force. It is applied power of any natural,or universal, principle or law, known or unknown. In simple words: it is use of universal law whether it is known or unknown to you.  Let’s take a very simple example: when an object falls to the ground, the law of gravity is being applied. And therefore, if you want an object to fall from a given height, you use cosmic habit force. And in this particular instance – law of gravity. But the law of gravity, or any other law, is not in itself a power. Yet when you properly use the principle, then power is employed according to universal law. And thus, every invention,every psychic phenomenon, every individual action and reaction – be it physical, mental, or spiritual – is the result of the use of natural law. For every result there is a cause. And the result is brought about through the use of Cosmic Habit Force.

Man is is mind with a body. And he can think. It is through that he learns how to use cosmic habit force. And his thinking can bring the thoughts he thinks into reality.

In the next chapter we shall learn how to apply many of the lessons learned in these subchapters to our life. And then we will be able successfully to meet the problems created by universal law of change – which like all natural law- is the result of cosmic habit force.


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    1. thanks for reading this Valerie.. but its not entirely my words; as i have stated earlier in chapter I that most of it is a compiled write-up attributed from a motivational book that i’ve read many times.

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