Change Your World !

Let’s change our world by changing ourselves ! In the previous chapter, we learnt the importance of PMA. By now, we know that PMA is a positive mental attitude. It is one of the 17 success principles that can be applied in combination with PMA in our chosen occupation or to a solution of our personal problems. Then, we are on the right track and headed in the right direction towards getting what we want. They are:

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude.         2. Definiteness of purpose
  1. Going the extra mile.                       4. Accurate thinking

5.     Self-discipline                                 6. The master mind

7.     Applied faith.                                   8. A pleasing personality

9.     Personal initiative.                         10. Enthusiasm.

11.   Controlled attention.                      12. Teamwork.

13.    Learning from defeat.                    14. Creative vision.

15.   Budgeting time and money.         16. Maintain sound physical & mental health    17.   Using cosmic habit force (universal-law)

NOTE :  It is imperative that we apply PMA, regardless of what other success principles we employ. PMA is a catalyst which makes combination of success principles work to attain a worthwhile end. It is NMA combined with some of the same principles that is catalyst resulting in crime or evil; leading to grief, disaster, disease, death, sin, etc are some of its rewards.

Andre Carnegie said, “Anything in life worth having is worth working for.”

These principles are nobody’s creation, they are extracted from the lifetime experiences of hundreds of most successful persons during the past century.

We may develop and maintain a permanent PMA by making it our responsibility to adopt and apply these principles in our daily living. We can analyze ourselves now, and learn which of these principles we have been using and which of them we have been neglecting; so that in the future we can analyze our every success or failure- that is as a measuring device; if you imprint these 17 principles indelibly in our memory. Very soon, we will be able to lay our finger on what has been holding us back.

But if there is PMA and still we don’t succeed, it may be because we are not using each of the principles that are necessary in the combination for success to attain our specific goal.

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievements. This and combined with PMA. Remember, your world will change whether or not you choose to change it; but you have the power to choose its direction. You can select your own targets. When you determine your definite major aims with PMA, there is a natural tendency to use seven of the success principles:

Personal initiative, Self-discipline, Creative vision, Organized thinking, Controlled attention (concentration/focus), Budgeting time and money and Enthusiasm.

Robert Christopher went around the world in 80 days? No – he went around the world in 84 days, but he did accomplish his objective in $80.00. He had his own story to tell. Because he had definiteness of purpose with PMA; and he was automatically motivated to use an additional of the 17 principles to achieve his specific goal. So ask yourself, “What is my goal? What do I really want? Think of it! Think of the people who drift aimlessly through life, dissatisfied, struggling against a great many things, but without a clear-cut goal. Can you state right now, what it is that you want out of life? Fixing your goals may not be easy. It may even involve some painful self –examination. But it will be worth whatever effort it costs, because as soon as you can name your goal, you can expect to enjoy many advantages coming almost automatically.

They are important self-motivators :

ü  What the mind can conceive and believe – the mind of man can achieve with PMA. Because we visualize our intended destination, our subconscious is affected by our self-suggestion. It goes to work to help us get there.

ü  Because we know what we want, there is a tendency for us to try to get on the right track and head in the right direction. Yes, we get into action.

ü  We get motivated to pay the price. Budgeting our time and money. We study , think and plan. That’s what I’m exacting doing. Work becomes fun! The more we think about our goals the more enthusiastic we become. With this enthusiasm desire turns into a burning desire.

ü  We become alerted to opportunities that will help us achieve our objectives as they present themselves in our everyday  experiences. Because we know what we want, we are more likely to recognize these opportunities.

Someone said, “I really never had a chance to get ahead. My family was poor”. Or “I was raised in slums and that’s something you can never get out of your system.” Or “I had only basic education.” These people are saying, in essence, that the world has given them a raw deal. They are blaming the world and circumstances outside themselves for their failure by starting out with a NMA. Of course with that attitude, they are handicapped. It is NMA that’s holding them down. It did to me – though not the same excuses as above; but in a way a negative attitude crept inside, holding me back in realizing my goal. This negative mental attitude and not an external handicap – is the cause of failure.

Fortunately, not everyone is faced with such great difficulties. Yet everyone has problems. Does the problem lie with the world or with you? Dare to face yourself with truth and dare to memorize the self-motivators. As everyone reacts to motivating symbols through suggestion and self-suggestion, the most effective form is a self-motivator statement – I DARE YOU! The only formula that can help you change your world. Someone rightly said, “If a man is right, his world is right.” When the above stated self-suggestions become a part of you, you dare to aim higher.

Remember :

  • You were born to be a champion. You have inherited from the vast reservoir of the past all potential abilities right from the time of your birth. You are the rightful creation from all respects. Are you willing to pay the price to develop your abilities and use the powers within you?
  •  Identify yourself with a successful image. Who will you select?
  • Ask yourself  an important question,“What will my picture say to me? Listen for the answer.
  • Have you selected some definite purpose or desirable goal? Will you keep it in mind daily?
  • Imprint and memorize the 17 principles. Have you memorized them?
  • Everyone has many talents for surmounting their special problems. What special talent you have that you can develop?
  • You only can change your world. Have you thought about the high goals you would like to achieve?
  • Memorize this practical formula now: what the mind of man can conceive and believe the mind of man can achieve with PMA.

To summarize : Conceive and believe in your goal. Aim higher. Dare yourself. Don’t blame the world for your failure. A Positive Mental Attitude and definiteness of purpose is the starting point towards all worthwhile achievement.


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