A Visitor

This is a refreshed memory of a visit by a drenched little creature in the monsoon season, few years ago. And a recent motivational article that has inspired me to pen those thoughts in its sweet remembrance.

One fine morning, a rainy day;

An unexpected guest passed-by to stay.

As a visitor she came along my way,

Bewildered and quivered – she looked not gay.

As I bent to hold her, she flew away.

Not too far, just a few feet away.

This made me think that she may

Have been sick in some-way.

Inside I drew her, in a careful grip

And made her feed on a thermocol crib;

But she looked unseemingly around the nest of brick –

Must’ve thought it to be some kind of a trick.

On day one, she was unbecoming

And would drink or eat nothing.

So a watchful eye, I maintained;

But the lonesome bird , totally abstained.

So away, I decided to move her;

And not the little thing hover.

A jute-basket , thus laid as cover

For warmth in the wet weather.

The following morning, as I peeped into the basket,

Delighted was I to see through the casket;

Sweet bird seemed to look at ease,

Her fear of being in-house began to cease.

The third day was brighter;

There was improvement in her matter.

The lovely bird looked better and warmer;

And for the householder, she became a birdie-charmer.

The next day awoke my pleasure;

The sun shone its rays on my treasure.

Throughout the sunny day, she was at leisure;

And at night-fall, drowsy became the little creature.

For a few days now, she would sumptuously eat

Of the granules-a-la-meal, as a treat.

Stylishly drinking its fill, sip-by-sip.

My friend would now allow me to dry its lip.

We began to draw too close,

As a beautiful relation began to arose;

A friend I had o’er a book to browse,

What a pleasant visitor was in my house!

Early sixth morning, she came by and loud

On the window sill, she said,” I long for the cloud,”

Without much delay, I pushed the door abroad

With the thought that she was real, true and still didn’t abscond.

Chirpingly, she flew to her abode;

Bidding farewell in her language code.

My heart did adapt to the bird, I adored;

Suddenly, felt emptiness to its core.

Blue-bird…Love-bird please visit again;

O’er my heart reign once again.

Those moments of joy would I gain;

Still, longing for you when it begins to rain.


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