Confession of a youth to the love of his life

Lovingly yours

O Beloved, thou eyes like dove;

Say a few words of love

Or speak to me through your glance

And take me into a trance.

Deep dreams afloat my sleep

And tell tales of our past meet.

Anxious heart takes delightful leap;

This earth awaits the touch of your feet.

Listening for the soft steps that you tread;

I will toil all day and earn bread.

I shall cross many oceans to seek you, soon.

I will go and bring you the moon.

O princess, thou a mystical enchantment;

Waiting for thy whispers of endearment.

Echo of your ready cheerful laugh;

Want to make you my better-half.

When my world is just not right

And I am lost into the night;

Wish to spend the day with you, is what I hope

Free me, from this misery that I cope.

Fragrance of your being fills the air

As I feel your presence everywhere.

My eyes open to a vision of you

And a passing dream is to come true.

You are my strength, my inspiration;

My life revived its sleeping devotion.

My soul awaits your wonderful company

And heart rejoices with ecstasy.

Now that you are near

There is no fear;

For once I can touch;

Faith restored as much.

Long before I knew;

Someone warm like you

Came near the ocean blue,

And bestowed my life anew.


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