Far yonder a sight

Wrapped in a beautiful night;

As a sweet melody echoed,

Drew a soul to remote.

Flew she at a pace

To a magical place.

Evenly, an uninterrupted mime

Playing to a wonderful chime;

Now, amidst a green border,

Same mystical recorder.

She moved spellbound

Towards that enchanting sound

And Lo! What she found –

A sparkling stream

With a silver beam.

The water, very pure

Like heavenly allure.

So graceful a flow,

At the rift below;

And, in it a reflection

Of peace and perfection;

Picture of a gorgeous garden;

Therein, a house laden

With doors of glittering silver

And windows with golden shutters

Studded with rubies and jewels;

Souls destined to revel.

And the curtains of rarest silk,

Painted in monumental milk.

Fenced wall of shimmering tiles –

Pause to breathe awhile.

Still, more to entice

With a wish to reside?

All around is scented musk,And an aura of deep dusk.A slim veil on the sly,

Open and then fly.

And a crystal clear scene,

Lingers as if it’d been

An oasis of a dream;

Haunting gurgle of a stream


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