It is really very hard for the people of today to imagine and much less to endure or even to attempt to endure the hardships that can be faced in our present world.

What are hardships? Hardships are sufferings or difficulties in times of want, situations faced during poor or imbalanced health, dire state of economic condition, having to work under extreme climatic conditions to make a livelihood and may be quite a few more of such difficult conditions to mention.

So what does one do in such trying times? …Bear it or break away from it?…Or just go through the pain or kill the pain itself?.. Or else, prefer to remain steadfast in the face of hardship or give it all up in defeat? Well, its upto the individual to make a choice!

In today’s scenario, we could say the least in terms of hardships. Come to think of it…. could be getting to the best college or institute of repute with required educational grades; or even procurring admissions to pursue higher studies or scholarships at prestigious universities could be deemed as hardships of today’s youth. And with it comes, free (mental and financial) consequent effects on the parent. Also, not to forget the concerning health factors or issues dealing with some deterrents that is facing our aged.

However, some basic hardships in terms of living out a normal daily life can also be seen; where people strive to achieve a two-time meal for themselves and walk miles afar to fetch of drinking water. these issues are still prevalent in some pockets of the African continent; and so is the electrifying issues in some rural villages of India that are yet to see light of the day. Alas! To say this in the twenty-first century? It hurts. But, there is ‘hope’ and ‘help’  is an intention to act that is only a step away… waiting to be extended to fellow brothers; who choose to remain steadfast during trying times. Let’s end on a hopeful story about humane gestures that are given or …will be given to those who endure hardships in the face of odds.

In a rural area situated in the western region of India, a middle-aged woman would bring fodder for the animals that she and her husband possessed- a few cattle and a horse. She would bring water from the well, mend the bucket herself and attend to other domestic duties. Attending to the horse was the most difficult of all jobs that she considered. Her day disappeared into the darkness of the night as she struggled through her physical ability and mental peace of being. Her husband had neither money nor property of any kind and idled away his time worrying about his impoverished condition, while his wife went about doing his part of the job as well.

He had even contemplated suicide recently, due to agricultural failure. A setback that was responsible due to several factors not just the rains; but poor governance, inadequate provisional facilities for the farmers, an easily discouraged and unmotivated system of the village panchayat and even mismanagement at previous farm production had lead to this awful and grieving circumstance. However, he was not alone in guilt feeling that arose out of hand-to-mouth situation for his family. Over-ridden with debts and lack of foresight, along with burdening emotional pressures of having to face with the future of their children; few men had already attempted suicide in this village, leaving their bereft wives to manage a very shaky household mantle in such drastic situations. But this woman, had courage and always spoke to her husband with kind words, lest he should take extreme steps during these trying times. So, she went about her chores without complaining to him. But deep down in her heart, someday she wanted to be free from hardships and live a normal life again.

She would bring fodder for the animals from the town that was two miles away. The woman would daily pass through the Chieftain’s office which was situated in the town, while carrying the fodder on her head. One day, as she was coming in this fashion; the chieftain who was with his family saw her and offered her a lift. The poor woman hesitated due to her shyness. The next day, he inquired about her and summoned her husband to his office and allotted him a piece of land for tilling while adjourning upon him to look after his horse. The chieftain had extended help after hearing and seeing the woman’s plight. The woman had been steadfast in her endeavors and kindled hope by setting an example for others in the village. Her personal efforts had borne fruit; projecting hope to those who were facing similar hardships. The chieftain with a batch of his officers, visited the village after few days with a carefully chartered plan and is now surveying it for agricultural redevelopment.


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