Feeding the Guest

One fine day, a long time ago;

Certain class of people who kept their ego,

By words of wisdom and acts of charity;

Were known to others, by their thoughts and clarity.

Others called them- righteous and wise

And men of character and sacrifice;

Came to them, a man complaining of hunger and stress

And put forth his plight in a solemn address.

Their leader was known for his excellent conduct;

Looked rather uneasy and reluctant,

To pass this obligation to someone other;

Finally, gave into his fellow brothers.

Asking his companions, “Would you avail of this good deed?

For just now I have nothing in-hand or at home to feed.”

Instantly, replied one, “I’ll take care of that.”

Thus, he wanted to oblige him -no matter what.

The leader said, “Then entertain this man

On my behalf as a guest tonight.”

So, the companion and the distressed man,

 Willingly left in the moonlight.

On the way, the companion thought:

This is something worth about my life.

Thus, he took him to his house

And instructed his wife.

“Look here, he’s the guest of our wiseman;

We’ll serve him as best as we can,

And won’t spare anything in doing so,

Begin to cook as fast as you can.”

“Good gracious!” said the wife.

“we’ve no food except very little, enough for ‘em

Husband said, “Oh! They are my precious gems,

So one night without feeding ‘em;

Lull the children to sleep,

Good wife, my words do keep.”

While I sit with the guest

O’er the meagre meal, lest

When we start eating,

Put out the lamp pretending

To set it right.

So that the guest tonight;

May not become aware in the dim,

Of the meal I unshared with him.”

The wife then, affirmed

And the scheme finally worked.

Hungry stayed the entire family!

To enable the guest to eat his fill;

The man and his wife, submitted as God’s will.

Such were the tales of people then,

Who preferred others, even when

Poverty became their lot; but nonetheless

Sacrificed in goodwill and gained righteousness.


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