This is a journey towards better understanding and beneficial knowledge

There are many aspects to our life and various ways in which we live. All around the world mankind has remained same, since origin of time with basic qualities of humanity intact. But, there are exceptions and exceptional incidences that take place with changing tides of time. However, since human was born out of love and designed by the Creator, it’s his/her innate nature to love and be loved. An embodiment of compassion, he/she is intelligent and inquisitive to his/her surroundings. Curiosity drives them to seek knowledge that brings them closer as a community and in the process healing self and society, thereby obstructing deviation from basic structure of mankind. His tryst to understand and know things, places and people makes him tread unto the path for beneficial knowledge leading towards light and truth. Beneficial knowledge enables him to know himself and lets him be what he is, thus enlightening his spirit. It purifies heart and strengthens faith with attainment of peace. Join me in spirit of oneness.

Here’s a simple story: A man sat on the fenced wall of a lawn in the park where many morning walkers came to exercise. He looked at his left foot in agony, rubbing it to ease pain. A passerby looked at him and stopped. He came to him and asked, “Can I help you?” The man turned to him and replied, “No thanks” and started soothing his ankle once again. The passerby sat next to him and smiled. He said, “If you like I can take you to a doctor. I have my car.” The man did not reply and ignored him. After a while the passerby left sadly.

The passerby and the man were neighbors for many years but they had never spoken to each other before this day. Since the passerby was a wealthy man who owned a huge bungalow and a fleet of cars parked in and around his house, the man always thought of him as a proud rich man who liked to showcase his expensive vehicles each morning through open gates of his mansion. He disliked his arrogance and never made an effort to know him.

One morning, the man saw many cars standing elegantly through its open gates and looked around for the rich man. Just then a voice greeted him and he saw the wealthy man washing one of his cars inside. He told him that each morning he would himself clean most of his prized possessions till they were shining bright as he enjoyed doing this. He invited the man to his house and served him breakfast. At the table he told him that as a young boy he was very fond of cars. But since he came from a poor family he could not afford to buy one and most of his youth was spent struggling to make ends meet for his family. But after many years of dedication and hard work he could fulfill his dream. In fact, his fondness for cars had lead to quite a collection and he would often gift some of these to his relatives and friends. He said, “You see the joy of gifting is when you gift someone something you like most.”He even offered to oblige the man with his car as a gift from him. But he declined. He did not want the rich man’s car but was happy with his hospitality. He felt good to have come to his house and talk with him and wished to return. He decided to cast away his preconceived ideas about the rich man and now thought of him as an honest and humble person. He left his mansion with a smile on his face.


2 thoughts on “This is a journey towards better understanding and beneficial knowledge

  1. I really enjoyed this post. A lovely way to start my day. Thanks for stopping by I write a daily inspiration blog too and it’s lovely to meet someone likeminded. Please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

    1. I am following your blog Corinne. Do give in your suggestions or any tips that you may have. I would be fortunate enough to receive guidance from your vast spectrum of experience.

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