quote of the day

Love is not a deal that can be negotiated or transformated for any working of obscure pleasure. It’s a bond that is blended with caring respect of a kind that is making this world come around everyday. -B Banu


World Environment Day

Today 5thJune, and always I pledge to keep my environment safe and secure from global climatic changes that’s constantly threatening with disastrous consequences taking place all over the world due to mindlessness and arrogance on part of human kind, history has ever recorded.

Let’s think, talk and act before its too late. Let’s not call catastrophically.
Let’s show kindness, sympathy, awareness and compassion to other creatures living amongst our environment, that connects us with each other in ways unknown to us. Let’s believe in that unseen force of universal bond that rules us and our lives in ways more than one with other fellow beings, insects, birds and animals.

Let’s plant trees and take in fresh breath of breeze.
Let’s pledge for a green world which is as clean and pure as a child’s thought of this idea.
Let’s show respect to mother earth and her dwellings ; and also innumerous inhabitants breathing upon this planet.

What have you pledged today? Plan a thing.
Grow weeds, sow some seeds. Clean pollution to let in some solution for our disrupted lifestyle and chaotic routine.

Make an effort to see shrubs that flower and trees that yeild fruits of your good intention to make this world a safe hygiene place to live.

I did plant herbs shrubs and seeds for future’s good health and better living. Let me know what you did, your thoughts on this conception and your ideal over this take on your caring nature.