Quote of the day

Half acceptance of whatsoever matter,  is half acknowledgement, which confines other half  of the fact to half truth.  The fact of the matter is that there is nothing like half truth. Either one accepts it wholly,  or does not at all. – B BANU 

An ode to lovelorn

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”

Life comes on

Time goes by

You may arrive

Or maybe not.

Even if you don’t,

I’ll wait upon.

There’s nothing else..

Except this to do.

Cause if you should..

Hope easily can hold

Broken heart would mold

If there isn’t no waiting

How must I be breathing?

Age merely a number

On a frame that’s somber

Time just a beat

Two hearts wanting to meet.

But shall we or not

Earnest souls ought

Else, rest in peace.

But, meet we must

Before we’re dust.

If not here..

than there.

Till sun meet the moon

I’ll await ever so soon

But meet just once

Staring split second tons –

My life’s only purpose.