quote of the day

Before speaking up to an opponent, it’s better to think carefully; speak cautiously, listening to an inner voice before unfolding words for answer. Even then, you may not be well received by them; nevertheless, it’s good always to be well understood under any circumstance.
– B Banu

quote of the day


Before speaking up to an opponent, its better to think carefully, listen to your inner voice, then stream words together for answer. Remember, you may not be well received initially; nevertheless it is necessary that your reply is very well understood.


Prayers of tear
Heavens lend ear
Words muted over fear
Emotions tangling gear

Prayers of tear
Questions life rear

Majestic door
Have I knocked
Burden body bore
Feelings lying mocked
No sign or stir
Grievances flocked
Still, no answer

Infinite wait.
The keeper awake
Listening each call
Thru mind mail.
But forsake
My prayers all.
Past tragic trail

Although late
Stubborn stood me
Knocking hard
The Mighty gate
Fearing Thee
Calling my card

Prayers of tear
Questions life rear

Vision rare
Someone there
Dream shimmer
Gracious care
Palms bare
Hope glimmer
Karmic rate
Unearthly mate

Windows open
Thoughts awoken
Pure air
Standing fair
I speak wants
In decibel fonts
Questions answer
Inner voice gather
Spirit anew
Patience renew
Its never late
To make fate

Prayers of tear
No more fear

One who care
Is sure there –

Friend , a mother.
Faith bare
Belief dare
Triumph wear
Life’s affair