To Give

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This is a title for my today’s context-writing. Are you wondering what’s strange about it? I’m sure you are. And you are right to do so. Well, it sounds a bit weird for a title, doesn’t it? Out of every verbiage existing in English literary, being used but hardly enlisted as suitable titles; I have preferred to use one here out of choice and keeping in mind that a very well-known writer of English literature also preferred to so for his(Shakespeare’s)  renowned play “To Be or Not To Be.” As many know, English literature is most amazing and wonderful. We cannot find short of nouns, adjectives and verbs that befit the very occasion to express our thoughts. According to English Dictionary, the noun “gift” means something that you give to somebody- a present. And therefore, includes the action of giving. So also, according to English Dictionary, the verb “give” meaning-…

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She is here

She is there

She was then

She is now

She must come

Each time and everywhere


She is metamorphosis of life

Lending it meaningful strife

She is life’s euphoria

Legends sealed  memorabilia


Evolving as delicate caricature

Divine love all encompassed

Within realms of nature

Many stages relatively surpassed


Today, hope is re-born

Watching from mirrored case

Our diva is a newborn

Behold her gentle face


And Beware of a terrible storm

That took multiples in miniature form

Out from our very race

Shaming mankind with disgrace



No, not yet again. NO!

Never an attempt like this be made

Deconstruct not your own vein

Let an ugly evil incident fade


But nurture with care and love

A light of life, so shall she bloom

From death to breath we move

A tender talent all must groom


She is…

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